The Corporate Mapping database was developed with the help of a large team of researchers, website developers and others.

Project Directors

  • Shannon Daub – Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC; Co-Director, Corporate Mapping Project
  • William Carroll – Professor, Dept. of Sociology, University of Victoria; Co-Director, Corporate Mapping Project

Research Team

  • Jean-Phillipe Sapinski – Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Université de Moncton
  • Zoë Yunker – Student, Sociology, University of Victoria
  • Nicolas Graham – Student, Sociology, University of Victoria
  • Michael Lang – Student, Sociology, University of Victoria

Development Team

  • Kevin Connor – Public Accountability Initiative
  • Ziggy Mintz – Public Accountability Initiative
  • Emira Mears – Associate Director, CCPA-BC
  • Christine Rondeau, Bluelime Media
  • Ryan Vandecasteyen, Vancity Studios

Project Management

  • Thi Vu – Project Manager, CCPA-BC & Corporate Mapping Project
  • Larissa Stendie – Project Coordinator

Communications & Design

  • Terra Poirier – Visual Specialist, CCPA-BC
  • Jean Kavanagh – Media & Publications Manager, CCPA-BC